Off-Market Sale at the Continuum for 3.3 Million


A big congrats to our colleague Carlo Dipasquale at Cervera for his off-market sale at the Continuum on South Beach.  As reported on; he sold unit 1605, a west facing 2 bedroom and 2 bath measuring 1606 square feet.  This cash sale was sold for 3.3 Million which is $2054 per square foot.  The seller had previously purchased the unit in April of 2014. With-in a little over a year the seller made a return of 800K. This sale was an example of how todays buyers are willing to pay top dollar for location and view.

As real estate professionals we are finding that more and more deals are being made off-market, building relationships and brokering deal to satisfy the wants and needs of both buyers and sellers.  The greatest benefit to for a buyer in purchasing an off-market property is that he eliminates all competition.