Continuum on South Beach Prices Then and Now

If you are an owner that purchased at the Continuum on South Beach in 2010 you couldn’t be more happy with today’s recent sales. The Continuum prices have more than doubled within the past 5 years.  This time of year, back in 2010 units at the Continuum were trading on average at $919 per square foot.  Now in 2015 units are being sold at the average price per square foot of $2,047.

Continuum On South Beach Then

Continuum on South Beach Now


As a real estate professional, we advise our buyers about condo buildings that are most likely to retain value. Continuum on South Beach is among the top of the list due to its prime location at the southern most point of South Beach.  I look forward to revisiting this blog post again 5 years from now. With Miami’s continuous growth, I am confident that the average price per square foot will be far past $3,000.